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Aviation Weather's latest CD, Fires and Accidents, takes its name from the drama, emotions and lethargy that can get in the way of one's accomplishments. Using acoustic, analog and electronic instruments, to communicate through music. Quiet melodies repeat in various forms, culminating in a driving crescendo of guitar and drums. Other songs weave seamless guitar lines into hypnotic rhythms that hint at the peace to be found in a chaotic world. "With every song, we try to tell a story without lyrics, in the hopes, any all of our songs can serve as soundtrack for whatever might be going on in someone's life at that time."


Shane Sutton, the singular creative force behind Aviation Weather's instrumental, astral sound, gleaned his earliest inspiration from the formidable guitar-driven rifts common among rock and punk bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Misfits and the New York Dolls...

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